Mars Base

In the past few weeks, our grade has been completing a Mars Mission Base. Our Mars base includes making your own space control station,  how to live on Mars, weather booklets, vocabulary and the differences between Mars and Earth

Overall it is really fun to do, as we got to do some oragami kinda things. Below is an attached photo of my Mars Base.

Mars Base


Homophones are words that are pronounced the same but we spelled differently, with a different meaning.

Below are some examples.

Flower –  Flour

Sea – See

Hear – Here

New – Knew

Need – Kneed

So – Sew

Dough – Doe

Ray – Rae

Be – Bee

Through – Threw

Reign – Rain

Main – Mane

Great – Grate

There – Their – They’re

Where – Wear

Pear – Pair

Wait – Weight

Isle – I’ll

Reed – Read

Liar – Lyre

Ad – Add

Aloud – Alowed

Cell – Sell

Right – Rite – Wright – Write

Nun – Non

Crews – Cruise

Eye – I

Calender – Calender

Dual – Duel

Earn – Urn

Mail – Male

Read – Red

Wurst- Worst

Mince – Mints

Carol – Carrell

Bass – Base

Tea – T – Tee

Poor – Pour

Ate – Eight

Hey – Hay

Sunday – Sundea



Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Hundreds Grid


A while ago, we did some this in maths. They are  grids that we had to colour in to get a fraction. We showed the fraction, decimal and percentage. I learnt a lot from task, and I really enjoyed it.

What do you like to learn about in maths?

What Went Well?


What went well… At Montmorency Secondary Collage, we completed some challenges. I was in Burgandy, which is a deep red colour. We nicknamed ourself Barbeque.

Our first activity was ‘Translation Station.’ We had to pass some words in English and French. There was a twist. We could only have six hands or feet on the ground. So Abby, Lilli, Jasmine, Sebastian, Ben, Liam and I sat without our hands and feet on the ground. Kiana stood up, and Amity laid across Lilli and I. We passed along the words with ease, it was a real easy challenge!

Next, we did ‘Words With Friends.’ We Had to use our bodies to make words, like teamwork, and vision. In the word teamwork I was a ‘K’ and in the word vision I had to be a ‘n’ which was better than almost being a full stop!

After that we had recess. I hung out with who I normally play with at snack and lunch – Abby, Rebekah, Melissa, Alyssa, Emma, and Alexa. I was already enjoying the day, it wasn’t rainining – it couldn’t have been any better!

Later in the day, we then played Aardvark. We had a straw and we had to suck M&Ms from one bowl to the other. On my first few tries, I was really bad and unsuccessful. But then I did this awesome shot and then I dropped it. That was upsetting that I didn’t get one in. At least I was close!


Overall, I had a great time, and I enjoyed looking around the school that my family has lots of history involved with. I really liked the students and the skills we learnt. I had a great experience, and I  would like to come here again to learn more!


What went well…

This week, I have been very proud of my work and effort. But these are what went well…

My student centred conference. This is a conference where you share your portfolio work with your teacher and your parents. I am very pleased with this because I tried really hard to make it all presentable.

2) My homework. I did a really good speech for my greatest achievement, which was getting into JSC. This is my greatest success because I kept trying and didn’t give up.

3) Archie Fusillo’s visit. I am quite happy with my drawings, story, and then speech at the end thanking Archie. He is really funny and very nice.

What went well at your conference?

Below is an image of Archie’s drawings.